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Make charity your hobby!

Let charity be your hobby!

Kampania Wrazen is the community of Bator Tabor fundraisers. With our “KW” fundraisers, we have been encouraging severely ill children since 2011. In the meantime, we pursue our obsessions - do sports, cook, play music, celebrate, or juggle while standing on our heads. Together with our colleagues, we can turn charity into an excellent team-building activity! Will you join in?

They said about us

“I received more than mere motivation: supporting words, love, and encouragement. Faith.”

"Friends you haven’t seen in years message you how awesome is what you do and how proud they are... I would prescribe fundraising as a cure for everyone!”

“Bator Tabor gave me wings, the purple shirt gave me magical strength.”

“I feel I made the best decision of my life when I joined you...”

“I am not a professional runner or athlete, I will not be the first to reach the finish line. However, it is certain there is no hurdle, fatigue or difficulty I cannot overcome for Bátor Tábor and through them for severely ill children, because their happiness and support are at stake now!”

“During the race, I could overcome the difficulties often only with the purple shirt team, shouting, cheering, giving high-fives.”

“It was incredible to see how many friends of mine supported by cookie sale. I love baking, and when someone likes my cookies, but I didn’t expect it to be such an experience! And for everyone!”

“The power which starts to work in the community is overwhelming, together for a good cause! I am convinced we can change the world together, and it is not our opinion which shapes it, but what we do!”

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