10+1 Tips for a Successful Fundraising Campaign

1. Take the time to prepare your campaign! 

Your campaign page is a showcase of your motivation and engagement in the campaign. It’s important to consider what your campaign contains because people you know will decide whether they want to support you based on what you publish on your campaign page. 

Explain in a few sentences what your challenge is about, who you are fundraising for, and why it is important to you! 

Also, pay attention to the campaign photo. Instead of a blurry selfie taken on the last day of the Pol’and’Rock festival, choose a high-quality photo 😉 

A photo showing you enjoying a hobby related to your campaign guarantees success! For example, if you are organizing a cake sale, choose a photo of you smiling while holding muffins in your hands. 

2. Be your own first supporter! 

It may sound strange, but it’s a good practice to make a donation to your own campaign, even if it’s only a token amount. That way, your friends will see that you genuinely care about the cause! 

3. Have a few ‘flagship’ supporters! 

Before you launch a big promotional campaign for your fundraiser, ask your family and a few close friends to be your first supporters. This way, when the first post promoting your campaign goes out, instead of an empty list of donors, people will see that many others have already committed to supporting your fundraising. Experience shows that the longer the list of supporters you have, the greater the chance that more people will support you. 

4. Group your contacts! 

Consider how to group your contacts so that no potential supporter is left out of your campaign. 

Here are some example groups: 

  • Family 
  • Close friends 
  • Work colleagues 
  • Former colleagues 
  • Neighbors 
  • School friends (from primary school to university!) 
  • Members of your community (e.g. sports club, dance group, choir, parent council, drama club, toddler club, church) 
  • Friends from abroad 
  • Your workplace (you can organize fundraising within your company) 
  • Your customers/visitors/company contacts 

5. Tailor the content of your request to the group of people you are addressing! 

It’s likely that different messages will catch the attention and engage different groups of people. Some may be interested in helping children with serious illnesses, while others may appreciate that the donation goes to a transparent charity. Some may simply want to support you in your initiative because you are making a positive impact on the world. Similarly, different amounts and examples of donations may appeal to different groups. For example, you could ask your gym friends for an amount equal to a single gym entry or your friends for an amount equal to a dinner out or the price of a cinema ticket. It’s also worth noting that both individuals and companies can deduct the donation from their tax base, according to Polish law (up to 6% of income for individuals and up to 10% of income for corporations). 

6. Dare to ask! 

You will only achieve your fundraising goal if you dare to ask for support. Clearly communicate to your friends and acquaintances that you are hoping for tangible help from them. Don’t be shy! After all, you are not raising money for yourself, but for seriously ill children! 

7. Emphasize your motivation to campaign and communicate your progress! 

Focus on showing in your communication that you care about the fundraiser. Whether you use your Facebook profile, Kampania Wrazen blog, Instagram, TikTok, or prefer face-to-face meetings as your primary communication channel, talk honestly about your challenge. Share what motivates you, the difficulties you face during your campaign, and, most importantly, why you decided to create your own campaign in Kampania Wrazen. Keeping a campaign blog on the Kampania Wrazen website can help you stay motivated and achieve your goal. 

8. These are surefire ways: 

Why not invite every tenth supporter for coffee? Or the person who supports your campaign today will win a lunch together, a scarf you’ve knitted, or a workout guided by you? How about drafting an automated message before you go on holiday? A message encouraging your recipients to support your campaign. For example, “(…) I am just about to change the lives of seriously ill children as a fundraiser for Kampania Wrazen. Support my campaign with a donation equal to the price of lunch! (…)” How you flavour your campaign and make it stand out is up to you and your creativity! 

9. Fundraising is no piece of cake! 

If you could run a fundraising campaign and raise funds with a single Facebook post, we would already be operating on Mars 😉 Don’t be discouraged if your first attempt is not followed by immediate support! Donations have to be earned. Do what you can to reach as many people as possible from all walks of life with your sincere and personal messages. We like to say that just as we challenge our Brave Kids during our programs, we challenge our brave fundraisers! In difficult moments, think about how far you’ve already come in your campaign and how great you’ll feel when you achieve success! 

10. Refusal is not a failure! 

You’re highly motivated, campaigning with enthusiasm, and fighting for a noble cause, but if you face rejection, remember it’s not a failure for you or the people you’re asking for support. Maybe their financial situation doesn’t allow them to donate, their life has just turned upside down, or they have already supported another charity that day. Be prepared, however, for unexpected support from people you don’t expect! 

11. Together is better! 

Remember that you are not alone in your campaign! By joining Kampania Wrazen, you are joining a community of people just like you – people who want to turn their hobby into something meaningful and good! Join Kampania Wrazen’s Facebook group, meet people like you, and make a difference in the lives of seriously ill children together! Perhaps you can arrange to train together? Or organize a picnic with an open yoga practice and a homemade bake fair? Or simply go out for a walk together to talk about your experiences at Kampania Wrazen? 


We wish you a fantastic fundraising experience! 

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