What is Kampania Wrazen?

Kampania Wrazen is the fundraising community of Bator Tabor Foundation. Together with the members of the team, in addition to indulging in our passion—playing sports, baking, cooking, playing music, and celebrating—we give courage to seriously ill children. As the “Purple T-shirt Team”, we offer the miles we run during competitions, our baked goodies seasoned with love, and the sound of our beloved music for the price of a coffee or a movie ticket. With the collected donations, we put a smile on the faces of the little heroes. We change lives.

What is Bator Tabor?

Bator Tabor Foundation was established in 2001. The foundation provides life-long experiences to seriously and chronically ill children and their families through its free camps, and hospital and school outreach programs. Bator Tabor programs are available in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Experiential therapy programs have already changed the lives of nearly 15,000 seriously ill children and their family members: all thanks to donations from companies and individuals like you.

How can I support a fundraising campaign?

You can support a campaign through:

  •  PayU (BLIK, online transfer, credit card)

Click on the “Support now!” or“ Donate now” button and pay online;

  • Traditional transfer
    Recipient: Fundacja Bator Tabor
    Account number: WBK 02 1090 1056 0000 0001 1347 5847
    Remember to include the fundraiser’s name or their campaign’s name in the title!

Who will be informed about the donation?

Your name and message will be posted on the personal page of the runner you decided to support a few days after we get your donation. You can support them anonymously as well. If you do not check the relevant boxes, you will appear as an anonymous hero in the list of supporters. The Bator Tabor Foundation handles your personal data in accordance with the data protection guidelines. You can read the privacy policy here.

Is the data I provide safe during the donation process?

Of course, we take good care of your data! Your name and the amount of your donation will only appear publicly on the page of the supported campaign if you approve it. You can read exactly how the Foundation handles your data in the Privacy Policy.

Are you sure my donation will go to the right place?

The payment methods on the campaign page are safe, and the donations go directly to the Bator Tabor Foundation. The donations will be used by the Foundation to run therapy programs, which are free for all the participants. You can read about the use of donations in detailed annual reports.

I don’t see my donation on the campaign page.

There are three reasons for this.

  • You made a bank transfer, which does not appear immediately on the site. Your donation will be visible in a few days, thank you for your patience!
  • During the donation process, you did not allow us to show your name and the amount of your donation on the site. Since we take care of your data, you are listed as an anonymous hero (XY) in the list of supporters as a result of your decision. If you have changed your mind, contact the Bator Tabor team: info@kampaniawrazen.pl.
  • Maybe there was a disturbance in the Force. Contact us so we can fix it as quickly as possible: info@kampaniawrazen.pl.

Can I join Kampania Wrazen?

Of course, we welcome everyone in the community of Bator Tabor fundraisers! Enjoy your hobby or do whatever you like doing, and give courage to seriously ill children and their families! Do sports, bake, cook, sew, play music, celebrate something important to you, or even the Big Day with charity! Join us and start changing lives today!

Contact us!

Kampania Wrazen


(+48) 570 496 535

Bator Tabor Poland Foundation

ul. Klimczaka 1, wejście B
02-797 Warsaw

(+48) 732 651 620


About Kampania Wrazen



Bank account number

WBK 02 1090 1056 0000 0001 1347 5847

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